2021 harvest will have new production records

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Soybean harvest in Brazil continues at full steam and this year estimates point to new records in oilseed production. Despite climatic variations and a slower start to harvest, producers’ expectations are positive and market values ​​are also very attractive.

The Agroconsult consultancy projected the soy harvest in Brazil 2020/2021 at 132.4 million tons. Compared to 2020, production should be 7.3% higher, reaching a new record.

The area planted in Brazil was estimated by the consultancy at 38.4 million hectares, 4% above that observed in the previous cycle. It was also estimated that the country’s average productivity will be 57.4 bags per hectare.

Although soybean planting has been delayed this year due to the drought, as of December, with the return of rains, crops have recovered in most of the country and the productivity of the legume should be high. Prices are very favorable on the international market and demand remains high, which is why producers continue to expand the areas for planting this commodity throughout the country.

Corn crop will also have new records

In addition, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the total of cereals, legumes and oilseeds produced in the country this year should reach 263.1 million tons. The national grain harvest for 2021 should be 9 million tons. above the 2020 harvest. With growth of 3.5% compared to last year, which had already been a record in the historical series of the survey that began in the 70s.

A special highlight goes to corn, which also remains at high levels compared to previous years, and should reach 103.5 million tons. Compared to 2020, corn production will be 0.3% higher, with an increase of 3.4% in the area to be harvested.

To reach record harvests, everything starts by treating the seed before throwing it into the ground. That is why Cimisa offers complete equipment that helps rural producers to prepare the seed and obtain excellent results in their harvests.

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