The importance of seed treatment

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Seed treatment aims to protect it against pathogens and pests from sowing to germination. This will avoid introducing them into free areas, as many diseases can be transmitted by seeds.

It is a practice that aims at the sanitary quality of the grains, but which also values ​​their genetics, contributing to the success of the planting.

The treatment of cereals consists of applying chemical and/or biological pesticides to control fungi and pests that attack seeds, seedlings and plants. Currently, treatment can encompass not only pesticides, but all technologies, such as: inoculants, herbicide protection agents, micronutrients, growth regulators, seed coatings, dyes, etc.

After completion of the treatment, the seeds are intended exclusively for planting and cannot be used for human or animal food.

Main benefits of seed treatment

Treated seeds usually receive the addition of chemical compounds that help their installation and growth in the field. These compounds have physiological action on plants, helping them to establish vigorous growth and with better use of their productive potential. Another benefit that this process offers is the ambilateral protection of crops that occur below and above the ground before, during and after germination.

Furthermore, seed treatment prevents the entry of pests into cultivated areas and is of great importance in the development of vigorous and healthy plants. Thus, seeds that could be threatened by diseases or even climatic interference, manage to grow stronger, with more uniform germination and better rooting. All of this translates into productivity.

To ensure that the seed treatment is really efficient, you also need to use quality equipment that ensures more efficiency in the process. And that’s when Cimisa helps you, our line of seed handlers is complete and will allow for more agility and practicality in the treatment. Click here and check out all our products.

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