CD 2000

Perfect technology to standardize your seeds.




CD 2000


Seed standardization demands a lot of resistance and durability from the machines.

Thinking about it, Cimisa gather all the knowledge to its tradition and developed the CD Line.

This machines serve farmer’s needs with excellence, meeting all standardization stages, ensuring a higher quality seed.

In addition, the CD Line is simple, practical, and functional.  Two functions in one equipment.

All machines are classifiers and standardizers at the same time, delivering more efficiency in seed care.

+ Efficiency + Control + Productivity

With eight bagging chutes, the CD 2000 seed classifier enables the product separation into three standardized sizes in one single pass.

The six sieves arrangement allows the product to cover a larger area inside the machine, increasing the grains uniformity.The Cimisa’ seed classifier CD 2000 is a robust and efficient machine, with high technology.

The great differentials in this machine are opening for easy sieve change, fan adjustment and impurity exhaust in the environment.This equipment was developed to pre-clean 170 bags per hour and classify 80 bags per hour, being the most efficient and agile equipment for grain classification and standardization.Beyond that, the CD 2000 seed classifier has some options such as a set of sieves for different crop, grain elevator, and a red rice set.

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FINAME (BNDES) accreditation in the following credit lines:

Agricultural, Finame and Modermaq;

Finame Code: 1822490;MDA Code: C13955110.

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