Seed Treatment

M150 Plus Electronic

Con alta capacidad de producción y eficiencia, este equipamiento es ideal para agricultores de gran porte




Seed Treatment

M150 Plus Electronic


Cimisa’s Tecnotrat line was specially developed to protect the seed from fungi and soil insects, providing uniform germination. This equipment was designed for producers who seek yield and precision.

With innovative design, Tecnotrat line was born from a technological and excellence concept meeting farmer’s needs for high performance in seed treatments. Each equipment has an exclusive system, a variable number of boxes and also a respective production capacity. And the best differential: it works with different seeds.

The seed treater Tecnotrat M150 Plus Electronic has a high capacity of production, meeting large farmers’ needs with quickness and efficiency. Having an accurate system, this Cimisa equipment avoids the need to dose the liquid manually.

 with 3 liquid boxes from Cimisa was specially developed to make farmer’s work easier. It has three boxes for inoculant liquids and one box for seeds. The helicoid has bristles avoiding seeds damage during treatment.

M150 Plus Electronic is powered by electric motors, also having an easy mobility, nylon helicoid bristles to eliminate  mechanical waste, internal reservoirs for polyethylene liquid with an internal shaker. 

In addition, the equipment has a bagging device and a self-cleaning chute.

Cimisa Tecnotrat M150 Plus Electronic also can be equipped with a metallic box for turfy products.

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