M25 with 2 boxes for liquids

Protects the seeds and ensures a quality germination.




M25 with 2 boxes for liquids


Cimisa’s Tecnotrat line was specially developed to protect the seed from fungi and soil insects, providing uniform germination. This equipment was designed for producers who seek yield and precision.

With innovative design, Tecnotrat line was born from a technological and excellence concept meeting farmer’s needs high performance in seed treatments related. Each equipment has an exclusive system, a variable number of boxes and also a respective production capacity. And the best: works with different seeds.

+treatment +yield +practicality

Cimisa’s M25 seed treater with 1 liquid box, was especially developed to facilitate the framer’s work. With two reservoirs, one for inoculant liquid and one for seeds. Its helicoid is composed of bristles avoiding seeds’ damage during treatment.

Opening chute ensuring an easy cleaning. Equipped with adjustable pliers allowing set the product dosage. In addition, this machine has the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.

Making this machine even more efficient, the boxes have the ideal capacity to treat 25 bags per hour. Contact us to learn more and guarantee yours.

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