Oat Masher/Oat Crusher

MA 2500

This equipment was designed to increase productivity in lamination.



Oat Masher/Oat Crusher

MA 2500


Conceived to increase lamination productivity.

Cimisa revolutionized the Oat Masher/Oat Crusher market when presented the MA Line: its versatility associated with high performance and robustness, something unprecedented in the segment. The equipment is characterized by its versatility and exclusive differentials.

Efficiency synonymous, this machine makes possible to laminate oats or corn. The main benefits of lamination are: increase grain digestibility and a better nutrients absorption by the animal.

+ Resistance + Innovation + Agility

Developed as a versatile machine concept, Cimisa’s MA 2500 Masher has steel tubes and plates, an easy opening hitch for inspection, a supply platform and a bagging chute.

The Cimisa’s MA 2500 has, as its main differential, cemented rollers for lamination and also the transmission chain that guarantees more quality in the lamination of oats and corn. In addition, the MA line has lamination thickness adjust to meet your needs. The MA 2000 has a production capacity of 800kg per hour. Contact us to learn more and guarantee yours.

FINAME (BNDES) in the following credit lines:

Agricultural, Finame and Modermaq;

Finame Code: 2808433;

MDA Code: C13870680.

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