Densimetric Table

MD 50

Eliminate wilted, poorly formed and/or deteriorated seeds.



Densimetric Table

MD 50


Even more versatile than the seed standardizers, Cimisa’s Densimetric Tables are ideal to meet all farmer’s demands. Power, economy and technology at your finger’s tips. In addition, it is essential for those who want to install a Seed Processing Unit – SPU on their property and guarantee a higher quality seed.

Cimisa’s Densimetric Tables have a frequency inverter and easy adjustment. Seed separation based on seed’s specific weight, eliminating wilted, malformed, deteriorated seeds, those attacked by insects and microorganisms, as well as other types of impurities. It is indicated to be used at the end of the classification line.

+precision +improvement +efficiency

To achieve classification excellence, the MD 50 Densimetric Separation Table has low-noise fans, lateral and longitudinal controllers’ inclination and airflow adjustment. In addition, its metallic structure and its stainless-steel mesh ensure an even better result.

With MD 50 Densimetric Table the seed is processed in four different ranges guaranteeing a completely standardized classification and a uniform seed. It also has three fans and produce 3 tons per hour.

The line of Density Screening Tables has some options such as: seed deck for vegetables and forage crops, and a metallic needle for continuous seed flow. Contact us to learn more and guarantee yours.

FINAME (BNDES) accreditation in the following credit lines:

Agricultural, Finame and Modermaq;

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MDA Code: C13870654.

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