Seed Classifiers


Besides the bagging stalls, include an exit for light particles.



Seed Classifiers



The Micro CS line was developed with a set of benefits and features delivering a robust, simple and accurate machine.

Its extreme classification power, the Micro CS line has high level performance machines, even under adverse conditions, seeds with impurities or deformities. Moreover, this equipment prioritizes the seed quality and not only the quantity.

A single process can change the raw grain into seed. The Cimisa’s CS3B MICRO Classifier and its three layers sieves, separate products with different sizes, classifying the seed in a single pass.

Also, the sieves are arranged in a way to allow the product to travel over a larger area inside the machine, increasing the grains uniformity, avoiding a non-classified item.

+ Productivity + Speed + Precision

The CS3B MICRO Classifier is equipped with an exclusive ventilation system, which acts below the first sieve, separating uneven grains, broken grains and light impurities standardizing the grains.

The sieves’ self-cleaning system, composed by flexible spheres (rubber) prevent eventual orifices blocking through vibrating impulses, improving the classification.Another major machine differential, the air intake system, can adjust according the classification needs. Also, the hopper opening can be made according to production.

This ensures a precise, ergonomic, and fast regulation.MICRO CS3B was designed to pre-clean 1,500 kilos/hour and classify 700 kilos/hour.

It also has hydraulic transport couplings and starts by the tractor’s power plug.This is a mandatory machine for successful properties because it guarantees more quality and standardization for your seed.

This results a more uniform and productive planting. Contact us to learn more and ensure yours.

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